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Hi, I'm Mahesh Baheti. Originally from India, I live and work in Tokyo, Japan. You can find me on github, linkedin or drop me a line.

Work Experience:
Software Engineer (May 2017 - current) @ Tenten Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
Tech Lead (Dec 2016 - Apr 2017) @ Rakuten Ichiba, Rakuten Inc., Tokyo, Japan
Developer (Oct 2014 - Apr 2017) @ Rakuten Ichiba, Rakuten Inc., Tokyo, Japan

Bachelor of Engineering, IT (2014) @ PICT, Pune University

Technical Skills:
Programming Languages Ruby, Go, Erlang, C, Scala, Javascript
Web Development Worked with variety of web frameworks for feature rich web appliations and API only applications. e.g. Rails, Grape, Play!, React, Angular, Phoenix
RPC Frameworks Used RPC frameworks for production ready APIs. e.g. Finagle, gRPC
Test Frameworks Personally prefer TDD. Have developed web applications using unit test frameworks as well full automated suite frameworks. e.g. RSpec, Capybara, mocha, WebdriverIO
Devops and Automation Management of infrastructure and deployment of applications on public providers like AWS(Paas and IaaS), Heroku as well as private clouds.

Other Skills:
Spoken Languages English, Hindi, Japanese (intermediate), Marathi, Marwari
Agile Frameworks Scrum, Kanban

More About Me:
I strongly believe in:
- Code style guides
- Project documentation
- Bazaars over Cathedrals
- Being Reactive.