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Wandering in graveyard of blogs

May 6th 2020

Sometimes whenever I have nothing to do or am waiting for a build to be completed, I go through my followers and people I follow on Github/Twitter. I click on each individual person and see their profile. See what they are up to these days. Usually there's a link in their profile to personal website. Almost every website has a blog attached to it. Most of these blogs don't have new posts in years and that makes me really sad.

I try to figure out for each person why there is no new post for so long. Usually the reasons are very obvious,

But sometimes the reason is not that obvious and my mind starts speculating wildly. Recently I came up with few more reasons,

The last one bothers me a lot. Because most of these people are older than me. Most in their thirties. If its true why would they think their thoughts don't matter now? Did they realize that things they want to say are not new? Maybe they sat down to write a new blog post but realized that someone already said the same thing already. If this is true then as I learn more things and know more people, chances are I am going to do the same. That makes me more sad.

Above is just one train of thought I keep riding until my build is finished or have to get back to work. But this happens every time. Even if it makes me sad I think its very interesting to come up with a theory why a certain blog died. If I just ask them directly, reason is going to be something dumb, like "Oh that thing, I forgot I had that."