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Why bother writing reactionless posts?

May 25th 2019

I’m trying to write more here. I don’t share links to these posts on any social media networks. There is no way to comment too. There is no way to react directly to any of these posts if someone wants to. This is on purpose. It’s not that I’m against feedback or comments. For example, if someone actually takes time and comments on my pull requests in detail, it makes me extremely happy. I think a programmer who’s not open to feedback is not a programmer at all. Then why am I not enabling it on these posts?

The answer is my reason behind writing these posts (with reactions or no reactions) at all. I’ve always struggled with gathering my thoughts in short amount of time before presenting them to someone. If someone asks my opinion about something subjective, in most of the cases they’ll get an answer filled with relevant information, but it’ll be scattered all over. If I take few minutes before answering, then I can gather everything I know about the subject in my head and give a better answer (I guess this is most of us). But I don’t do that often and it is not practical too. Writing thoughts always helps with arranging them properly. And that is the reason I’m writing these posts.

This is an exercise for me to get used to organizing thoughts before shooting them at someone in disorganized way. Most of these posts will be written in very short period of time (minutes). Not all will make sense (including this one). But once I write a post, I am going to read it several times over a long period of time. That way I can compare old posts with new ones and see if I’m getting better at organizing my thoughts and presenting them in words.